Worlds Second Fastest WLtoys

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Worlds Second Fastest WLtoys

Worlds Second Fastest WLtoys set by Wltoys on a single 4s lipo battery unquestionably qualifies as the World’s Fastest RC Speedruns. This RC car’s top speed validates it for the World Record. This is my friend’s speed run. This is Tommy RC friend’s speed run. He did a great job running such a mini-car!

WLtoys 124019 speedrun results

The Worlds fastest 124019 speed run was accomplished with a single 4s lipo battery hidden beneath the mini body shell. The RC speed run made an incredible sound. The Wltoys 124019 was performing admirably gaining 129 mph.  Indeed an incredible speed for a small car.

Worlds Fastest RC Speedrunner was ecstatic about his top speed of Wltoys 124019.

In fact a well-planned and hard-working effort paid off. The Worlds Fastest RC Speed Run holder was extremely generous in showing the Wltoys 124019 setup.

To get a better look, I recommend watching the Worlds Fastest Rc Speed Run video all the way through.

Another intriguing occurrence. Even though the RC Speedrun was run at night, the results were not affected. Even at night, a true professional can achieve such results.

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