Worlds Fastest Wltoys 124019

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Worlds Fastest Wltoys 124019

Worlds Fastest Wltoys 124019 is astounded by the RC Speedrun community with its incredible top speed. Wltoys 124019 achieved 137 mph on a 4s Lipo battery while driving a 1/12 scale buggy with a GT body. Wltoys 124019 ‘s top speed of 137 mph is propelling him to the top of the World Fastest RC Speed Run standings, particularly in mini-scale competition.

Some info on Wltoys 124019

The Wltoys 124019 remote control car is ideal for a low-cost intro to radio control. It also allows you to change certain settings such as the position and hardness of the shock absorbers. Then the fall of the wheels, the height to the ground. And other elements with which you can adjust the car’s behavior to adapt as best as possible to the terrain or circuit on which you use it.

The main body of the remote control car is made of high-strength aluminum alloy material. It is also reinforced in numerous places, giving it a strong and attractive appearance while driving at high speeds.

In terms of grip, stock tires are still not the best, but they are adequate for a combination of short grass, dirt, and tarmac. The wheels are sturdy and foam-filled, so you won’t have to worry about them falling apart on you.

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