Worlds fastest Wltoys 104001

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Worlds fastest Wltoys 104001 is now on our Worlds fastest RC website in top among minis. Worlds fastest Wltoys 104001 top speed got 109 miles per hour. That is an incredible RC speed run top speed and congrats to The RC Master from Australia who got a new PB.

Worlds fastest 104001 speed run was performed on a single 4s lipo battery under the stock body shell. The sound of the RC speed run was amazing. The Wltoys 104001 was running very smoothly.

The RC Master even during the run of Wltoys 104001 predicted ahead that he is about to get some personal best. And yeah it indeed happened. Both Worlds Fastest RC speedrunners from Australia felt happy and excited about 104001 top speed.

A smart and hard job paid off. The RC master planned on running the second time but decided to continue it later on. Worlds Fastest RC speed run holder was mega generous with showing the full set-up of Wltoys.

To take a closer look I am encouraging you to watch the Worlds Fastest Rc speed run video till the end. The tips on which motor is the best to that even after 109 miles per hour still stays cool. What are the best parts to purchase for your mini car are shown straight after the RC speed run.

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