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Wltoys world record 119 mph

Wltoys’ world record on a single 4s lipo battery unquestionably qualifies as the Worlds Fastest RC Speedruns. Such top speed recognizes this RC car for the  World Record.

Persistence, persistence, persistence

The Rossa UK speed run was attended by the Race’s Edge RC. Where he had ten passes on his newly built Wltoys 104001. The first pass was 99 mph, then 103 mph, 107 mph, 114 mph, 117 mph, and finally stopped at 119 mph.

Such perseverance is admirable and deserves the respect of the entire RC Speed Run community. It proves that if you want anything badly enough, you should never give up or even consider quitting.

Wltoys 104001 world record specifications

Are you curious as to what kind of setup the Worlds fastest RC Speed run holder had for Wltoys 104001?The following are the specifications:

  • Castle mamba 8s
  • Motor tppower 3640
  • Mod1 gears
  • Custom titanium spool
  • 4s panther lipo 4000mah
  • Bullet connectors -8mm bullets

Worlds Fastest RC Speed Run Holder is confident that Wltoys 104001’s platform is capable of 130mph+. But it is extremely difficult to get the power down quickly enough without losing traction and achieving the perfect throttle pull. But he’s obviously getting there!

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