Wltoys 2S insanity run

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Wltoys 2S insanity run

Wltoys 2S insanity run is a fantastic achievement by the World’s Fastest RC Speedrunner. His Wltoys 124019 creation is regarded as one of the fastest speed runs in the RC minis world. The acarlino100 could reach a top speed of 80 mph while only using a 2s battery. What a triumph! What a set of skills and experience he must have to be so fast. As a result, Wltoys mini RC car has a big edge over all other mini cars on the market.

Ups and Downs during RC speed runs

So, the Worlds Fastest RC Speed Run record holder did not achieve such a high speed of 80 mph on the first try. He was tenacious and ran his Wltoys a couple of times. He was concerned about the heavy traffic at his RC speed run location during these runs. Yes, that is one of the most painful aspects of the RC Speed Run world. But what can you do to prepare for such circumstances?

So, the first attempt gave Rc speedrunner a speed of 76 mph. But he felt that Wltoys 124019’s speed was not the pinnacle. So he gave Wltoys 124019 another go. And it was worthy. This time, the result was 80 mph, and the engine was not even hot. The Worlds Fastest RC Speedrunner could even point to his motor with his bare fingers, making him want to run Wltoys 124019 on a 3s battery the next time.

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