Typhon on 6s 95 mph

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Typhon on 6s 95 mph pass was conducted by NOTORIOUS J Worlds Fastest RC Speedrunner.

Arrma Typhon was run on 3s platform 3660 3800kv cool and sufficient dual rc motor. By the way Worlds Fastest RC Speed run hobbyiest got from Amazon. So you, guys all can easily find and buy for yourself in order to perform and pick such high speedrun numbers.

Typhon on 6s 95 mph was enhanced a little in order to keep the front down due to a bad previous speed run that took off at 84 miles an hour. It was an amazing piece of advice from Omar Rez.

He explained that wing adding onto the front might help produce a lot of downforce on top of the splitter and keep the nose down. So NOTORIOUS J had to put on a front spoiler on top of the splitters.

BLX 185 esc, 26t pinion, 57t spur, 6200mah 90c 22.2v -these are further charcteris of the Arrma Typhon builds.

Worlds Fastest RC Speed run hobbyist goal was to make his personal best. First RC speed run picked up 94 miles but NOTORIOUS J was sure he can push for more. And he got 95mph and can be considered as Worlds Fastest RC Speed run.

Dedication, consistency, and of course love to his baby Arrma Typhon brought the amazing result of 95mph 3s on 6s.

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