Serpent 977 158MPH

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Serpent 977 158MPH is considered as Worlds Fastest RC Speed Runs. In this video you going to be amazed how can a tiny toy-looking RC car gain such incredible speed.

With 158mph on Serpent 977 Al’s RC is considered as Worlds Fastest RC Speed Runs hobbyist.

At first glance, RC speedrun seems to be an easy hobby, but if to dig down to the core you might start to understand that it’s full of factors hobby.

To become successful in speedrun you have to take into consideration those factors.

For instantce a speedrun spot. Yes, the speedrun spot matters. To be more clear speedrun spot is the road on which speedrun going to occur.

Is the road is wide enough to be able to maneuver RC car with ease? Does it have heavy traffic or it is free of cars? Does the road free of dust, litter, stones, and cracks? So many factors you would want to think about before choosing the perfect RC speedrun spot.

Luckily for Al’s RC he got the good spot. But it doesn’t mean that Serpent 977 158MPH records run only depends on that. He has got amazing driving skills and always looking for new ways to grow within the RC speedrun hobby.

We wish Al’s RC to continue to amaze RC speedrun community and stay as Worlds Fastest RC Speed Runs hobbyist.

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