RC Speedrun Arrma Typhon

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RC Speedrun Arrma Typhon

Worlds Fastest RC Speedrunner from Israel successfully run his Arrma Typhon on 8s batteries. We’d say the Arrma Typhon speedrun looked like a perfect pass deserving of a spot among the Worlds Fastest RC Speed Runs.

What can I say about this RC speedrun? Everything was meticulously designed for a flawless RC speedrun. Nice unwind weather, quiet long road with more room for error, and where you can run your RC car without fear of going offroad. The road is also clear of debris and stones, which gives the RC speed runner peace of mind and sets the mood for gaining the top speed of Arrma Typhon.

In addition, Rc Eran Reuven is not running his Arrma Typhon alone. He has a great team of like-minded people who enjoy RC Speed Runs, which is difficult to come by. Nonetheless, having such a happy and excited team to support your accomplishments is a rarity in the life of a speedrunner. Certainly makes him puffed up and inspired to achieve more in the world of RC Speed run.

So, how fast was the Arrma Typhon?

The Worlds Fastest RC Speedrun holder powers his Arrma Typhon with an 8s battery. Arrma Typhon easily reached a top speed of 150 mph. What a fantastic outcome! Eran Reuven set a new Personal Best (PB). It’s a small car, but it’s a beast. 150 miles per hour is a fantastic speed for a car designed for off-roading.

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If you want to learn more about Arrma Typhon, simply follow the official Arrma website, where you can delve deeply into the technical aspects of Arrma Typhon’s builds and performance.

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