MEGA Infraction RC Speedrun

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MEGA Infraction RC Speedrun gained a good speed. Worlds Fastest RC Speedrun Hobbyist from the United States did an excellent job. He set a new personal best (PB) with his MEGA Infraction and new GRP tires. MEGA Infraction’s incredible top speed earns it a place among all RC Speedrunners worldwide.

MEGA Infraction RC Details

Let’s take a closer look at the stuck MEGA Infraction RC components for a moment. First and foremost, MEGA Infraction is a 1/8 scale RTR Resto-Mod Truck. It’s built for fast and tough street bush style. However, RC Speedrunner successfully use┬áMEGA Infraction for Speedrunning. And this powerful truck racks up impressive stats. Equally important, the Arrma MEGA Infraction truck has powerful MEGA 9T brushed 570 motors. MEGA Infraction also has a strong composite chassis with extended height dirt defenders and a steering system with stone clearance. MEGA Infraction also features a strong composite chassis with extended height dirt defenders. Also, the suspension is a double-wishbone in the front and rear.

MEGA Infraction RC Speedrun

On YouTube, Worlds Fastest RC Speedrunner is known under RC Boricua 4Life. On a beautiful Thanksgiving Day, he and a friend went to play RC cars. In brief, it took a few attempts for the Arrma MEGA Infraction to reach 80 mph. The first run was just a practice run at 48mph. MEGA Infraction was scattered all over the place. The GRP tires were brand new, but RC couldn’t handle them. After hitting up RC a bit, the second RC speedrun was more successful, with a top speed of 54mph. Nevertheless, the third RC speedrun set a new personal best for our speedrunner.

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