Limitless 145mph 8s

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Limitless 145mph 8s result was achieved by Worlds Fastest RC Speed Runs hobbyist Eric Woolsey. He is being one of the fastest RC speedrun record-holders in Colorado.

So the Speed King of Colorado title is deserved by hard work, passion for radio-controlled cars, and consistency in this energizing hobby.

He is part of the Colorado Wrecking Crew RC enthusiasts who can inspire you to reach new summits in RC speedrun.

So, let us get to business! During sunlit and clear day RED ROX RC decided to run Arrma Limitless with a new motor. Here is a piece of small brief information about this motor. The Castle 1520-1650KV motor is a 4-POLE 12-slot design that boasts extraordinary efficiency and generates less heat.

RC speedrun enthusiasts love to challenge their equipment to the edge. So Castle engineers designed the motor that could hold up to the harsh conditions of RC speedrun. So go ahead and feel free to get one for yourself.

The road RED ROX RC picked for themselves is a great running spot. The only issue is trucks and cars keep coming so it might be a disturbance. But it was of no care for Worlds Fastest RC Speed Runs hobbyist.

Limitless 145mph 8s was a smooth speedrun perfectly performed by Eric Woosley and can cause a green-eyed monster to visit you.

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