Limitless 132 mph 6s

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Limitless 132 mph 6s was an exceptional achievement of DicksonRC and worth watching video. Such Personal best definitely worth considered as Worlds Fastest RC Speed Runs.

DicksonRC and his small supportive fan team got Arrma Limitless for running during nice cloudy weather. You might notice that DicksonRC uses the ladder.

Yes, the ladder! You wonder why? Here is the simple answer. It is a kinda cool, dope, and awesome idea and a free-of-charge tip for RC speedruners. Soooo …in order to see the tiny radio-controlled car from the far.

The RC speedrun was smooth thoughtful and mature. From first sight, you can recognize the RC speedrunner has got solid experience in making this radio-controlled car run as fast as Bugatti.

After the speedrun has finished DicksonRC assumed that he has got around 120mph. But the number of 132mph has astonished him. The battery was only on 6s. That’s big!

Congratulation on the astounding outcome of the Arrma Limitless run. DicksonRC absolutely deserves the title of Worlds Fastest RC Speed Runs Holder.

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