HOBAO VTE 146mph

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HOBAO VTE 146mph is a new personal best for Slow RC Mike. The name of Mike’s youtube channel does not match with such turbo RC speed run performance. He definitely knows how to be Worlds Fastest RC Speed Runs holder.

HOBAO VTE 146mph was run on two parallel 3s batteries and 1/8 scale.  

Let’s firstly dive deeper into the mechanical and manufacturing design of Hobao VTE. Hobao VTE is a 1/8 on-road GT car.

Hopefully, everybody knows what GT originally means. GT stands for ‘Gran Turismo or ‘Grand Touring’. GT label generally means that a car has something a little extra under the hood.

So back to Hobao VTE. It is quite a big electric radio-controlled car. Hobao VTE is modified to command the road. After unboxing Hobao VTE is ready to run. Basically, it only takes a matter of minutes or some battery charge time to get it ripping up and down the street.

The car is equipped with a Hobbywing brushless system, 2.4GHz radio system, independent suspension, thick aluminum chassis, and grippy tires to stick to the street.

The HoBao VTe looks like a wild machine, but it is manageable to put a halter on. Just a bit of passion to RC speed run hobby!

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