Hobao VT 4S Speedrun

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Hobao VT 4S Speedrun performed by German Worlds Fastest RC Speed runner took its place among all the Fastest RCs around the globe. We work hard to provide you with the fastest radio-controlled car speed runs available. One of these is the Hobao VT 4s Speedrun. The Hobao VT setup will be provided at the end of the article. Our RC speed runner generously demonstrated the Hobao VT setup, so if you want to achieve such top speeds, you can always learn from professionals.

Hobao VT 4s Speedrun Set-up

Null is truly a calm and thoughtful RC hobbyist. We’ll never know how he found such a lovely location. But I’m guessing it’s some kind of aircraft runway. As you may have seen on video. Anyway, I’m always happy for RC speed runners who get to run on a straight road.

As a matter of fact Hobao VT was exceptionally well tuned. Indeed the car was direct, and his speech sounded like a flash. Of course, imagine reaching 128 mph in such a small toy-looking vehicle. What a frantic pace! It’s amazing how passionate hobbyists from stock cars can achieve such high speeds.

Finally, let’s go over some of the specifics that were used in the Hobao VT setup. Here we are:

  • Flopak Cap Pack
  • Tp Power
  • Castle Xlx2
  • Turnigy Graphene Batteries

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