Hobao Hyper Speedrun PB

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Hobao Hyper Speedrun PB

Hobao Hyper Speedrun PB is an amazing achievement of Worlds Fastest RC Speedrunner in the Middle East region. The Worlds Fastest RC Speed Run record holder began racing RC cars in Dubai. It’s amazing to see how the RC speedrun community has spread across many countries on all seven continents.

Obstacles during Hobao Hyper RC Speedrun

The road on which the RC speedrun was performed was congested. The frustration of the RC speedrunner is audible. Yes, finding a car-free road is a difficult task. If you want to skip the pre-run hustle of Worlds Fastest RC Speedrunner, skip to 3:43 in the video.

The fantastic sand trail that follows the car is a nice thing if you run in the middle of the desert. However, running on a sandy road is not easy. Because sand, for starters, removes the tires’ grip on the road, the road becomes slippery. Second, sand gets into the inner workings of the RC car, slowing it down. It is, however, not an impediment for a professional RC speedrunner.

Hobao Hyper 6s Speedrun set up

So, let’s take a closer look at every aspect of the Hobao Hyper VTE speedrun. Worlds Fastest RC Speed Run hobbyist drives his Hobao VTE with 7 wires, which means it runs on a 6s Lipo battery. He also listed all the parts of the Hobao Hyper VTE. Here:

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