Arrma Vendetta 94 mph

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Arrma Vendetta 94 mph is a fantastic and result from the Worlds Fastest RC Speed runner from the United States. He was indeed able to bring his Arrma Vendetta to this level, and he deserves to be a part of the Worlds Fastest RC Speed runners community.

Arrma Vendetta Brief Look

First and foremost the Arrma Vendetta is a 1/8 scale radio-controlled car. It is considered as an all-terrain Brushless RTR vehicle. Then the Arrma Vendetta makes it straightforward for any driver (from novice to pro) to enjoy the experience of blasting at incredible furious speeds over on-road and light off-road surfaces.

The Arrma Vendetta’s sleek design makes it appear to be a sports car. Arrma Vendetta is a radio-controlled car that is not only fast but also attractive and elegant in appearance.

Arrma Vendetta 94 mph Speed Run

Let’s talk about the Arrma Vendetta speed run. Actually, the video is quite brief but to the point. The Worlds Fastest RC Speed Run record holder has just achieved a top speed of 94 mph with his baby. And it is a new personal best for him (PB). He improved his previous RC speed run by 1 mile per hour.

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