Arrma Limitless GT Speedrun

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Arrma Limitless GT Speedrun was a nice RC Speedrun despite Worlds Fastest RC Speedrun holder was having some time off due to bad weather conditions. Arrma Limitless RC Speedrun indeed picked up some speed. Worlds Fastest RC Speedrun Hobbyist from the United States performed admirably besides heavy traffic and cold weather. Arrma Limitless’s incredible 150mph places it among the top RC Speedrunners in the world.

Heavy Traffic? No Problem!

Every time I watch Jon Lewis’s RC Speedrun, I wonder how he manages to run in the middle of the road. First and foremost, it is almost always congested with cars driving back and forth. Second, it is difficult to relax and concentrate on the Speedrun itself. But Jon keeps going strong! Weather and heavy traffic are no deterrents to his RC Speedrun hobby. 

The Arrma Limitless GT runs extremely straight and fast. Despite the fact that it was his first attempt after a long period of time, the Worlds Fastest RC Speedrun hobbyist managed to achieve a top speed of 150mph. Not a bad outcome. We know his Arrma Limitless is the World’s Fastest Arrma.

Learn More About Arrma Limitless GT

If you’re a die-hard RC fan and want to learn more about various RC brands before purchasing one, the official Arrma website is a great place to start. Get one of those babies for yourself, work hard to get those numbers, and enjoy being a part of one of the most exciting and cool hobbies in the world.

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