Arrma Limitless 95 PB

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Arrma Limitless 95 PB

Arrma Limitless 95 PB is a new achievement of RCJunkie87. The Worlds Fastest RC Speedrunner was using his Arrma Limitless GT setup. The Arrma Limitless GT achieved 98mph last week, but the run was corrupted so he decided to make a backup run.

And this week the Worlds Fastest RC Speedrunner run Arrma Limitless GT again and achieved a nice top speed of 112mph. Such an incredible result secures a spot for the Arrma Limitless GT in all of the Worlds Fastest RC Speed Runs.

Two speedruns of Arrma Limitless

The open-wheel category is gaining popularity, and more RC Speedrun hobbyists are achieving higher speeds with each run. Arrma’s tough RC is currently at the top of the game. Despite the fact that open-wheel cars have a known lack of aerodynamics compared to GT cars, RcJunkie87 is definitely rocking it!

His first RC speed run resulted in a top speed of 95 mph, so he decided to try again. The second run of the Arrma Limitless GT was slightly slower, but only by one mph. The total speed was 94 miles per hour. That is, the Worlds Fastest RC Speed Runner’s results were validated. And his speeds were not purely coincidental.

Arrma Limitless 95 PB and other speedruns from RcJunkie87

I also hope you enjoyed watching RcJunkie87’s Arrma Limitless GT speed run. If this is the case, I strongly recommend searching his YouTube channel for RC speedruns, RC speedrun tricks and tips, and even RC crashes and failures.

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More of Arrma Limitless

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