Arrma limitless 4s Flopacks

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Arrma limitless 4s Flopacks

Arrma limitless 4s  Flopacks were powered by a 4s battery. As one of the Worlds Fastest RC Speed Runs holders, Flopacks decided to run Arrma Limitless on bone stock electronics. In other words, Arrma Limitless reached an incredible speed of 103 mph without any reinforcements or enhancements. In conclusion, the incredible top speed of the Arrma Limitless warrants a place among the Worlds Fastest Arrma RC Speedruns.

Stock electornics of Arrma limitless xlx

Flopacks has obtained the new XLX castle motor. It has a capacity of 240 amps. When the motor starts spinning, it seamlessly switches to Castle’s ultra-efficient sensorless mode. You’ll direct more power to the ground, where it belongs, rather than wasting it through raw heat and RPMs.

The only thing he changed was the chassis. Basically, Worlds Fastest RC Speedrunner wanted to see how fast he could go on Arrma Limitless stock. His goal was not to set a new personal best (PB), but rather to test the waters and see how things go. Anyway, 103 mph is an incredible result for the first speedrun with a newly purchased Arrma Limitless.

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