Arrma Limitless 190 mph

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Arrma Limitless 190 mph is just an incredible outcome of RC speed run. Arrma Limitless 190 mph is definitely with no argument takes the proud title of Worlds Fastest RC Speed Run. Congratulations on the speechless achievement of James Mccoy.

So firstly Worlds Fastest RC Speed Runs holder got Fastest Arrma Limitless GT out to get a nice pass. He decided to run Fastest Arrma Limitless on 8s. Basically using two 4s batteries in total gives 8s.

James Mccoy pained his Fastest Arrma Limitless using very bright and catchy color not only for him to see the car from afar. Seems like he had a hidden motive…To attract people’s attention to his beautiful, cool, and powerful beast as Arrma Limitless GT.

Of course, I was just joking but it is always like music to the ears to hear how your creation is being praised.

RC speedrunner turned around Arrma Limitless and made it pass by him. The run seemed to be so smooth and straightforward.

Unfortunately, the RC speedrunner has to find another road because he keeps driving his own car in order to pick up RC cars. His reaction when he saw the result is priceless. I got jealous even of such an incredible result. He is one of the few in the whole world who can boast about 190 mph Personal Best. Or as it is very common in RC speed run world PB. Let us get used to this PB abbreviation.

In conclusion, James Mccoy is the Worlds Fastest RC Speed Runs holder and of course, deserves to be showcased on Worlds Fastest RC website.

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