Arrma Limitless 182 mph

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Arrma Limitless 182 mph is now on the website that showcases Worlds Fastest RC Speed Runs. Arrma Limitless speed Run definitely conquered the hit parade of Fastest RC Speed Runs on the Globe.

Our pro, high-motivated and passionate RC speed run hobbyist from the United States has run his baby on a quiet narrow road. In order to see Worlds Fastest Arrma RC from a far James Mccoy, first of all, got himself a ladder. Having a ladder has become a very popular tool in the RC speed run community lately. It is indeed a helpful implement for all who struggle to control their radio-controlled car on long distances.

Secondly, James Mccoy pained his Delta Plastik FC100 body with bright, catchy, vivid color. This is one more tip for speedrunners. Basically, make sure your car is not blending with asphalt. That might help for a better vision and of course better control of the RC car. For such purpose Worlds Fastest RC Speed Runs holder has chosen caustic orange color.

So, let’s back to Arrma Limitless 182 mph sped run. The sound of fast-moving, high-speed I would say the supersonic car can leave even an indifferent person astonished. It’s like a rocket or lighting, hard even to spot with eyes. The speed with which Arrma limitless passes by maybe take nanoseconds. Okay, fine, sometimes I have a tendency to exaggerate but it’s miraculous how such Arrma limitless can run so fast.

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