Arrma Limitless 157 Speedrun

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Arrma Limitless 157 Speedrun

Arrma Limitless 157 Speedrun is a nice result of one of the 501 Speed Crew members. Just speaking for myself, I think it’s fantastic that father and son are having family fun together. It is not only entertaining, but also challenging to set new personal bests, achieve greater top speeds of radio-controlled cars, and break world RC Speed run records.

Nonetheless, we’d like to congratulate one of the sons on his absolutely astounding Arrma Limitless top speed of 157 miles per hour. It qualifies him as one of the World’s Fastest RC Speed Run Enthusiasts. It is honorable to be referred to in this manner because it is not a regional or local pastime, but rather a worldwide hobby that spans all continents.

Except for Antarctica, of course. It would be extremely unusual for those scientists based there to consider such a hobby. And only secondarily if radio-controlled cars could drive on the ice. Sorry, I got sidetracked with another topic. I hope it didn’t bother you.

Closer Look At Arrma Limitless Speedrun

Let us now take a closer look at the Arrma Limitless GT speed run. The Worlds Fastest RC Speed Runner ran twice. The power went out the first time. But he didn’t give up and went right into the second attempt. Arrma limitless reached a top speed of 157 mph the second time. Based on the video, I can conclude that guys enjoy driving their radio-controlled cars frequently. That, I suppose, is what allows them to achieve such incredible top speeds in RC cars, particularly the Arrma Limitless GT.

By the way, he used a Toyota GT body from Delta Plastic for his Arrma Limitless. Delta Plastic RC bodies are recommended by the majority of RC Speedrunners due to their durability and endurance.

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