Arrma Limitless 145 mph

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Arrma Limitless 145 mph

Arrma Limitless 145 mph is the new awesome personal best of our Worlds Fastest RC Speed Runs holder Jay Mitch from the United States. Because of its incredible top speed, the Arrma Limitless is the Worlds Fastest Arrma RC and deserves a spot on the World’s Fastest RC Speed Runs.

On the same day, Jay Mitch raced Arrma Limitless, reaching a top speed of 140 mph. But the Worlds Fastest RC Speed Runs holder decided to push his RC to achieve even higher scores, and he succeeded!

Unfortunately, during performing the second Worlds Fastest Arrma RC he did not manage to return the RC car. Jay Mirch had to drive himself to pick up the Arrma Limitless. Perhaps it is due to a GPS problem. But yet Arrma Limitless gained an incredible top speed and made a personal best.

Design and Specifications of Arrma Limitless

Jay Mitch gives a shout-out to Bittydesign 765 for his body paint. Bittydesign 765 is definitely worth a look. Let us also mention the Arrma Limitless specifications. Below are some electronics revealed by the Worlds Fastest RC Speed Runs holder:

  • 8s XLX2 ESC
  • TP power 2200KV 4070cm motor
  • SAVOX black edition servo
  • MAXAMPS 8s 5000mah 175C dual core graphene
  • Lipo

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