Arrma Limitless 112 mph

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Arrma Limitless 112 mph

Arrma Limitless 112 mph was a pretty good run. The Worlds Fastest RC Speedrunner was just fine-tuning his new Arrma Limitless GT setup. Nonetheless, the Limitless GT with a completely new setup achieves a nice top speed of 112 mph. This incredible result secures a spot for the Arrma Limitless GT in all of the Worlds Fastest RC Speed Runs.

Nice Arrma Limitless GT speed run on a chilly day

The road on which Jon Lewis drives his RC car, in fact, is mostly congested. Today, however, the World’s Fastest RC Speed Run Holder was extremely fortunate, as there were almost no cars during his RC speedrun. The RC speedrun was completed quickly and smoothly. Straight to the point, in my opinion. His goal was not to achieve extremely high speeds, but rather to fine-tune the Arrma Limitless GT.
112 mph was the target speed for Worlds Fastest RC Speedrunner.

Afterward, Jon Lewis demonstrated his setup under the car, which is almost mandatory in the RC speedrun community. Arrma Limiltess had two smc 150 C Lippo batteries, some BSR foam tires, and 5 wires, implying that it had a 4s setup.

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