Arrma Infraction New PB

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Arrma Infraction New PB

Arrma Infraction New PB achieved by Worlds Fastest RC Speed Runner. His incredible top speed of 144 mph on an 8s lipo battery earns him a spot among the Worlds Fastest RC Speed Run hobbyists.

The First Speed Run of Arrma Infaction

Worlds Fastest RC Speed Runner during first speed run managed to get a top speed as he desired. His target speed was 144 mph or higher. Unfortunately, Arrma Infraction has slid almost to the ditch as a result of the recent rain. Jon had to abandon his running position and walk the entire distance to pick up his Arrma Infraction. He was fortunate not to crash his radio-controlled car into a flooded ditch. The Arrma Infraction had been extracted from the grass and dirt and was ready for the next run.

The RC Speed Runner Continues To Strive For The Highest Top Speeds

The Worlds Fastest RC Speed Runner did not include all of his subsequent attempts that he had to abandon due to heavy traffic in his video. He stated that he was attempting to run his Arrma Infraction five more times. What a strong desire to achieve better results. Truly,I admire such tenacity.

Finally, the speed run road was clear of traffic, and the Worlds Fastest RC Speed Runner attempted to race. Arrma Infraction ran very smoothly and quickly, and it didn’t even slid out of the way. However, the outcome was not as good as the first attempt. It was 142 miles per hour. Nevertheless, it is supporting the first run. That Arrma Infraction is a beast on its new Castle xlx2 motor.

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