Arrma Infraction Mega 6s

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Arrma Infraction Mega 6s brought a top speed of 81mph. This new top speed of Infraction Mega is indeed a new accomplishment and personal best for the World Fastest RC Speed Run holder Sketch. He is originally a speedrun enthusiast from the United States. And is well-known for his involvement in the RC Speed Run. This time he ran his Arrma Infraction Mega on a 3s, 4s, and 6s.

Let’s dig into details of the Arrma Infraction Mega 6s Speedrun

At first Worlds Fastest Arrma Infraction Mega was run on 3s. And The Dynomite GPS showed the result of 44 miles per hour. Then Sketch increased it to 4s, and the Worlds Fastest Arrma Infraction Mega reached a top speed of 59 mph. Later, the Worlds Fastest RC Speed Run holder increased to 6s, but something went wrong. But, being a conscientious runner, he brought an extra spur gear and quickly fixed the problem. This time, Arrma Infraction Mega set a new speed record of 81 mph, leaving his owner ecstatic.

He kindly shared the setup of this Worlds Fastest Arrma Infraction Mega and here for your reference:

  • 1/8th Arrma Infraction Mega 4×4 resto-mod Truck
  • Vendetta spur gear 50T
  • 26T pinion
  • Hoon Elevens
  • A driveshaft stabilizer

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