Arrma Infraction 3s 90mph

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Arrma Infraction 3s 90mph is a new achievement and personal best of World Fastest RC Speed Run holder from the United States. Everybody knows how active in RC Speed run Philip Jolley is. RC speed run is his passion. He is one of the most professional RC speedrunners in the world. This time he took his Arrma Infraction Mega for a run with 3s lipo battery.

Arrma Infraction 3s 90mph Speedrun Details

He was out here a little later now because he had to charge up his GoPro. The first pass of Arrma Infraction Mega RC speedrunner did not want to claim. Because the top of Arrma Infraction Mega flipped. Nonetheless, the first pass was a flawless World Fastest Arrma RC pass. It was only powered by a 3s battery and reached speeds of 90 mph. It is an awesome outcome!

Anyway, the Worlds Fastest RC Speed Run hobbyist decided to make one more pass in order to claim it as a clean pass rather than an accidentally lucky pass. And he did it once more! The second pass was precise and clean. The GPS indicated 90.3 mph. With this top speed, the Arrma Infraction Mega indeed is the fastest Arrma on 3s SMC Lipo in the world!

Philip always showcases the configuration of his radio-controlled cars. This was not an exception to his rule. So, here’s what he has under the hood of the Arrma Infraction Mega:

  • 3s SMC Lipo
  • Neu motors 1412
  • Mamba monster 2 esc
  • Radiolink rc6gs radio
  • Off-road tires

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