Arrma Infraction 185 mph

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Arrma Infraction 185 mph is a new personal best (PB) of Tony Ingalls. This outstanding result deserves to be in our hit parade of the Worlds Fastest RC Speed runs. Arrma Infraction is the Fastest Arrma that Tony Ingalls runs.

Lately, the Worlds Fastest RC Speed runs holders picking up very high numbers during their RC speed runs. There are many speedrunners who crossed this mark of 170mph and head up to 180mph club and even higher as in this case.

I do not know what is going on and what kind of technics, technologies, batteries, motors these guys are using. I guess we will leave it for you, my dear readers, and RC passion speedrunners to figure out.

So back to Tony Ingalls and his Fastest Arrma Infraction 185 mph run. He was running as per his own words two times and then decided to push for a bit more and it was not for nothing. The third run brought him 185 miles per hour. If to stop and think for a second this is the number I would never run my real car even while feeling cool and restless on the highway!

The Fastest Arrma infraction Speed run was smooth, incredibly fast, and without any crashes or incidents. By the way, this RC speedrun was performed on the new road. But frankly speaking, the road has so many different curves and merging lines I would personally be scared to run with such speed. But it is nothing for our Worlds Fastest RC Speed Run holder. He is just a pro in this mesmerizing hobby. Keep the good work, Tony!

For more videos check Tony Ingalls youtube channels. He posts not only his achievements but as well crashes. Sometimes things go wrong. Do not be cold but subscribe, like and comment, and share videos with others to grow the community of RC speedrunners in the world!

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