ARRMA Infraction 153mph

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Arrma Infraction 153mph RC Speedrun that was performed by Innovation RC speedrun hobbyist is worth watching.

This time Innovation RC was trying something new actually for the first time ever. He had there the motor that belonged in one of the fastest creation 8s’s in the world. It is a TP motor.

At first Worlds Fastest RC Speed Runs hobbyists run Arrma Infraction with TP motors 1200 kv, but on a 6s voltage battery just for warm-up. The run was smooth and Worlds Fastest Arrma Infraction got a 134mph score.

That was an awesome run! The TP motor even didn’t get hot, because Innovation RC managed to touch it right after the RC Speedrun. That is how nicely engineered TP motos are.

The second run was performed using two of 4s batteries, so in total it gave 8s voltage. Innovation RC has assumed that it might help to gain plus 20mph and yeah it actually did. After running Arrma Infraction on 8s battery he got 153mph!

The Arrma Infraction 153mphs RC speedrun was very very smooth, despite that was sounded like a mounted 50 cal machinegun. Amazingly enough Worlds Fastest RC Speed Runs hobbyist could really keep his hand on the motor.

The results of two first runs with TP motor have surprised Innovation RC a lot and might inspire you to get one for your own self.

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As he mentioned about himself…

If you like top-notch builds, stupid fast-speed runs, and flat-out insane stuff you have never seen before? INNOVATION RC is a healthy choice! Innovating ideas since 2015! I strive to be different with my builds. Joining me are some rc friends!

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