Arrma Infraction 138 mph

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Arrma Infraction 138 mph is a remarkable result

Arrma Infraction 138 mph is a great accomplishment by an RC speedrunner based in the United States. His new personal best (PB) is worthy of a spot on our list of the World’s Fastest RC Speed Runs. Arrma Infraction’s top speed earned Worlds Fastest RC Speedrunner a place among the most famous Worlds Speedrunners.

Patience but also work and effort have paid off

Jon Lewis is an enthusiastic RC speedrunner. I’ll explain why his dedication is limitless. The road on which Worlds Fastest RC Speedruns holder is pushing his Arrma Infraction is overcrowded. Cars continue to arrive from both directions and from the road’s corners. One would never attempt to run on such a spot.  But Jon Lewis is unfazed by such and accelerates his Arrma Infraction to blistering speeds.

He attempted three times to get a new top speed for Arrma Infraction RC car. Arrma Infraction reached 134 mph on her first speed run. But, of course, Jon would not be satisfied with just one pass, and he decided to try once more. Unfortunately, due to heavy traffic, he did not complete the second run well and opted to wait until the traffic cleared. Third time running his Arrma Infraction as Worlds Fastest RC Speedrun holder, and the hard work paid off. Arrma Infraction reached a top speed of 138 mph. What a fantastic outcome for hard work and perseverance.

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