105 MPH Arrma Granite

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105 MPH Arrma Granite BLX previously was managed by NOTORIOUS J on hitting 103 miles an hour. Worlds Fastest RC Speedrunner wanted to see if he could beat that 103 miles an hour that he got yesterday.

Let’s give everybody a little bit of detail on the setup of Arrma Granite BLX.

Worlds Fastest RC Speedrunner was running stock driveshafts all the way around, stock diffs inside, 31 tooth pinion on a 45 tooth spur, a 3200 kv stock Arrma 3s motor but NOTORIOUS J running it on 6s.
Worlds Fastest RC Speedrunner was running dual high power fans, which really do help a lot to keep the ESC and the motor cool.

The day was nice but the road a bit narrow and RC car always has a chance to fall into weeds, but it has usually come out unscathed which makes Worlds Fastest RC Speedrunner happy.

At first, NOTORIOUS J got a little close to the edge and Arrma Granite BLX went offroad into weeds. Arrma Granite, fortunately, didn’t get even a single scratch.
So he tried to run again, and he beat his own personal best with 105mph this time.

That’s why NOTORIOUS J is considered to run one of the fastest short wheelbase Arrma Granite in the world with a stock 3200 kv motor.

105 MPH Arrma Granite BLX was a good pass! And worth checking out!

Stay tuned and check nice passes for yourself. Subscribe to the youtube channel of NOTORIOUS J, which is currently based in beautiful Canada. You surely going to learn more about the cool, hot, and exciting RC speedrun hobby.

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