RC Speed Run Essentials

There are many things an RC Speed run hobbyist needs to consider in order to achieve his or her target RC speed goal. We enlisted if not all, probably almost all parts and items an RC speed run hobbyist needs to achieve his Personal Best / PB or even to become a World Record Holder for Worlds Fastest RC.

Digital Servos

In speed run, control is the key. Control includes steering and throttle. Either an electric or nitro/gas RC, a good servo is a MUST!

Cooling Fans

Keep your ESC and Motor Cool all the time. In RC Speed Run, less heat equals more speed. A motor once it gets too hot the magnet inside loose resistance means less speed.

High Quality Lipo Batteries

A fast RC requires a good power source. High quality batteries gives consistent power to your system to make sure it reaches its peak power for better results.

Signal Boosters

In RC Speed Run, more distance equals more speed. Better reception equals better control of your Speed Run RC.

Radio Transmitter

It is very essential for an RC Speed Run Hobbyist to have a good quality transmitter. Wide setting options and better control.

GPS / Speed Meter

An RC Speed Run Hobbyist needs a very accurate GPS because in RC Speed Run, every mile counts. A mile deficit may cause you a World Fastest RC record.

Wires & Bullet Connectors

RC speed run requires a lot of amount of power. A proper connector and wire gauge helps in making sure that the electrical current flows properly in your RC Speed run System.